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A. 誰能幫忙提供《TIME》采訪張國榮的文字啊多謝。

時代雜志采訪 張國榮 為你鍾情

Bedroom Pinup
TIME talks to Hong Kong actor/singer boy Leslie Cheung

Thursday, May. 3, 2001 Leslie Cheung is Hong Kong's great male diva. The flamboyant singer and actor talks candidly with TIME's Stephen Short about movies, fame and growing up. Edited excerpts:
TIME: You are sometimes called one-take Leslie, because directors get what they want immediately. Is that so?
Cheung: The longest scene I ever shot was with Wong Kar-wai in "Days of Being Wild." Maggie Cheung and I are having a conversation in bed about her cousin or something like that. Anyway, it took two days and 39 takes to shoot. Wong did not give us a clue as to what role he wanted us to play. Even when Maggie and I asked what was wrong with the previous 38 takes, he wouldn'凱彎t tell us.
TIME: Have you ever turned down a project from Kar-wai?
Cheung: I'm usually Kar-wai'賣孫盯s first pick. I'm his favorite. Even for "Chungking Express" he approached me first, before Tony Leung. But as you know I was so busy at that time. I was doing "Shanghai Grand." I was working with Peter Chan on "He's a Woman, She's a Man." So Kar-wai calls me up and says, 'Leslie, I've got this great story. Would you like to try doing a film with Faye Wong?' At that time I had some reservations. I said to him, 'Kar-wai, can she really act?' I told him it would be delightful to work with him, but sadly not at that time, as I was too busy. So then he approached Tony Leung. He also asked me to do "Fallen Angels," for which Leon Lai got picked. Later Kar-wai called me up for "中和Happy Together." Andy Lau originally wanted to be in the movie, but I'm not sure what happened to that. I was doing "Viva Erotica" at the time. So I spoke with Kar-wai again and thought his offer was quite reasonable, though I took some convincing. We talked scheles, terms, deadlines... Kar-wai's a very clever guy. He knows how to handle things.
TIME: Everybody I talk to wants to work with you. Who do you want to work with?
Cheung: I'm hoping to work with (Chinese actress) Zhang Ziyi next year. I think (singer) Karen Mok and her would be brilliant in a film. I'll have to pull some strings. The movie would be similar to "Beaches," the Bette Midler film. Interesting. Don't you think so?
TIME: You could put Karen and Ziyi in a Nescafe commercial and I'd pay good money to watch it. You were a huge Canto star in the '80s. What's changed since?
Cheung: Things are getting much more conservative. And politically correct. I'm lucky that I can still survive and maintain my place at the top. A lot of it is to do with the media. A few years back they never put anything positive in the tabloids. Take Tony Leung, for example. He wins the Best Actor award at Cannes. Now that should be huge news in Hong Kong, but all you get is a small piece in the corner of the paper about his award, and the main focus is about actress Carina Lau and who she's having an affair with. The media cater to gossip.
TIME: You must get asked about "Happy Together" all the time?
Cheung: Yes, although now I'm used to it. It's like a daily routine. But if someone tries to ask me an intellectual question in Hong Kong then I get quite stumped. It really shouldn't be like this.
TIME: Did you enjoy school in England?
Cheung: I had to make a lot of readjustments. There were racial problems, discrimination. But it enabled me to see things. I could take a train to London, for example. So I didn't feel lonely. My first bit of homesickness didn't happen for three months. I used to write letters to my parents and family every week. I think that started to pull us closer. During weekends I used to go to Southend- on-Sea to see my relatives; they ran a restaurant there, and I'd be a bartender. I also started performing. I was only 13 years old, but I'd do amateur singing every weekend.
TIME: Do you like Hong Kong?
Cheung: Hong Kong is so extravagant... It's too expensive. I'm too soft for Hong Kong. I don't always count myself as 'one of them.' And I don't put my litter outside my house anymore because people try to find things and sell them or whatever. Even if I go to Causeway Bay, reporters follow me. They know my car registration number, so whether I'm at the Mandarin Oriental coffee shop or Propaganda (a hip gay club) I'm followed.
TIME: You're agony uncle to many Chinese actresses, aren't you?
Cheung: I love them all very much. Twenty years ago I was also a newcomer, so I love to groom girls, tell them the pros and cons (of the profession). I scolded Karen Mok for not performing well enough at her recent concerts. But did you see I gave her a kiss on stage. She thanked me as her uncle for giving her a first chance.

To Fall from a Great Height

Leslie Cheung—movie star and pop idol—took a last, fatal step into the dark

Was any actor as beautiful as Leslie Cheung? Did anyone bring to the gift of glamour the sective insolence Leslie exuded? His first appearance in a film—his face soft and smooth, with lips that expertly puckered or pouted—had the impact of a struck match. The screen flared to life; suddenly there was heat, and the incense of sulfur. To see him as the hurtful teddy boy in Days of Being Wild, the proud warrior in The Bride with White Hair and the dominant demon romancer in Phantom Lover is to realize there's nothing more exhilarating than a trip to hell with him at the wheel.
Leslie (everyone from his co-workers to screaming fans called Cheung Kwok-wing by his English name) was gorgeous since his first TV appearance in a 1976 song contest. He matured in acting ability and the use of his smoldering charisma, but never seemed to age. "Guess how old he is," Hong Kong film folk would ask, then declare that Asia's perpetual bad boy was flirting with middle age—as suavely and as masterfully as he flirted with everything and everyone else. In his films, and in the spectacular concerts that had him crooning ballads one minute and flouncing in a Jean-Paul Gaultier gown the next, Leslie was the consummate tease. He performed a seven-veils dance for us, and we lost our heads to him.
He turned 46 last September, and he will forever stay that age. But he chose a drastic method of staving off wrinkles, a potbelly, the whims of a fickle public. Last Tuesday he scheled a tea with his friend and former agent, Chan Suk-fan, at a favorite haunt, the Mandarin Oriental hotel. When he didn't show, Chan called Leslie, who was on the terrace of the hotel's 24th-floor gym. He said he'd meet her outside; he'd be right down. It was a final tease—a sick joke, really—for when Chan came out she found his body on the pavement. He had leapt to his death.
A fall from a great height: that befits a tragic hero or, in Leslie's case, a tragic diva. For if Brigitte Lin embodied the woman-man in such '90s films as Swordsman II and Ashes of Time, then Leslie was Asia's definitive man-woman. More persuasively so, because for Lin it was a role; for Leslie it was life. A gay man in a society intolerant of gays, he never explicitly acknowledged his homosexuality. But neither did he try to suppress it, as some Hong Kong stars have done. He was too much the showman, the exhibitionist, in his way the truth teller. He played the pining gay opera star in Farewell My Concubine, then Tony Leung Chiu-wai's caustic lover in Happy Together. Both movies were worldwide hits and gave him a notoriety that didn't quite do him justice. He was gay, yes, but he was mainly other: a luscious rebuttal to Hong Kong cinema's stern or strutting machismo.
He promenaded this otherness. It made him a star but obscured his talent. It is a gift to be beautiful; it is an art to know how to lend that beauty to a film character. An actor of commanding subtlety, Leslie rarely overstated an emotion because he knew what the camera saw: he knew the camera loved him.
What did his friends, fans and critics know? We know what it was like to see Leslie—to sense his charm, his pretty petulance and his danger—but not what it was like to be Leslie. He seemed so pleased in there, in the fairy-tale kingdom of Cheung, but he may have felt that his castle was crumbling, that his subjects were restless. (Tony Leung was landing the big roles Leslie wanted.) And perhaps the mirror told him he was no longer the fairest one of all.
The day after Leslie's death, his longtime lover, Daffy Tong Hok-tak, said that the star had tried killing himself with sleeping pills last November, and that he had been seriously depressed for 20 years. Twenty years! Back to the time of his first hit album; all through his reign as Canto-pop's top star and Hong Kong film's golden boy. If his eminence and allure could not make him happy, then he was a braver, more cunning artist than anyone suspected. Leslie Cheung danced before us, alluringly, and only let the seventh veil drop last week, revealing the desperate child beneath the diva's brilliant plumage.

Forever Leslie


In the first minutes of Wong Kar-wai's 1990 Days of Being Wild, Leslie Cheung strikes up a chat with Maggie Cheung. She's lovely and lonely; he's smoldering and supercool. Out of the blue, he purrs a boast to Maggie: "You'll see me in your dreams tonight." Next day he comes by again, and she brags that she didn't dream of him. "Of course," he replies with practiced confidence, "you couldn't sleep at all."
That's our Leslie: suave, cocksure, with a touch of the brute (they love him for it) and a hint of sad solitude. A Canto-pop idol and film star since the late '70s, Cheung has been called "the Elvis of Hong Kong" by Canadian critic John Charles. He gets top dollar for film work, his new CD Forever Leslie is climbing the charts, and his concerts still pack 'em in around the world; for a pre-Christmas gig at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, tickets went—fast—for as much as $238.
At home he is catnip for the voracious paparazzi. "They follow me everywhere," he says. "They know my car numbers, so they're there whether I'm at the Mandarin Hotel Coffee Shop or at Propaganda (a hip new club). I don't even put my litter outside the house. People try to find things and sell them."
Cheung could qualify as a monument to pop longevity if he was not still in his glistening prime—and if he was not still so damned gorgeous. Any visitor to Hong Kong who mentions his name to a local will hear the same refrain: "Guess how old he is" (as if he kept a rotting portrait of himself in the attic). Cheung is 44, and if he has changed at all ring his half-life in the public eye, it is to become more wily in the lavishing and husbanding of his allure. He simultaneously seces and withdraws, flirts and forbids. He is the most cunning, provocative tease in Asian showbiz.
As an actor, he is terrifically versatile, at ease in art films (as Farewell My Concubine's conflicted gay opera star), action thrillers (as the sensitive young cop in A Better Tomorrow), fantasies (as Brigitte Lin's mountaintop lover in The Bride with White Hair), dark romances (as the haunted singer in The Phantom Lover) and fluffy comedies (as the music mogul in He's a Woman, She's a Man). Last year he played a psycho killer in Double Tap.
Inside these varied characters is the irrecible, enigmatic "Leslie": a beautiful man whose sexuality is a gift or a plague to those who fall under his spell. Typically, they love him and he leaves them; he must have said, "I don't love you" more times than anyone else in movies. But he doesn't just mesmerize the camera; he works subtle wonders before it. He glamorizes a scene in Days of Being Wild just by appraising himself in a full-length mirror while doing an expert cha-cha. And then, in unforgiving closeup, without moving a muscle, he will somehow change emotional temperature. You can see feelings rise in him like a blush or a bruise.
In concerts he woos staid Cantonese audiences until they are dancing en masse in front of the stage, votaries to the pop god. Their innocent ecstasy turns him on; Cheung has an almost naked love for being loved. In his year-long Passion tour, which concluded two weeks ago in Hong Kong, he wore eight Jean-Paul Gaultier outfits, in ascending order of outrageousness, from a white tux with angel wings to a naughty skirt (and long black wig). At his Toronto concert a voice cried out, "I love you, Leslie!"; he said, "I love you too, whether you're a boy or a girl." The line happens to be one he delivered in He's a Woman, She's a Man, but it winks at Cheung's androgynous appeal. With a soul both pensive and explosive, equally capable of derisive laughter and hot tears, Leslie is all man-woman.
Cheung enjoys this audacious role playing; his latest music video featured a pas de deux (with a Japanese male ballet dancer) so sexy that it was banned by TVB, Hong Kong's top channel. He also knows that it leads audiences to the suspicion—or compliment—that he is gay, though he has not publicly declared his sexual orientation. "It's more appropriate to say I'm bisexual," Cheung notes. "I've had girlfriends. When I was 22 or so, I asked my girlfriend Teresa Mo (his frequent co-star in TVB serials of the time) to marry me." As a guest on Mo's cable TV show last month, Cheung bantered, "If you'd agreed to marry me then, my life might have changed totally."
His life was eventful long before then. Cheung Kwok-wing was born the youngest of 10 children of a Hong Kong tailor—he made suits for William Holden and Alfred Hitchcock—and his wife. "I didn't have a happy childhood. Arguments, fights and we didn't live together; I was brought up by my granny." His nearest sibling was eight years older; Leslie says he was "the youngest and the loneliest. My brothers would be dating girls and I was left alone in the corner, playing GI Joe or with my Barbie doll. It was miserable. My father couldn't control his emotions, with me or my mother. I used to think, 'And this is what they call marriage.'"
At 12 he was sent to the Norwich School in Norfolk, England. "There were racial problems, discrimination," he says. "But I made friends there. And on weekends I'd go see my relatives in Southend-on-Sea, where they ran a restaurant. I was a bartender, and I'd do amateur singing." By this time he had chosen his English name. "I love the film Gone with the Wind. And I like Leslie Howard. The name can be a man's or woman's, it's very unisex, so I like it."
After a year studying textile management at the University of Leeds, he returned to Hong Kong and placed second (singing American Pie) in ATV's Asian Music Contest. His 1978 film debut, Erotic Dream of the Red Chamber, was notable only for his butt-baring. Still, filmmakers saw his appeal as a new kind of star: beautiful, tender, dangerous. He still has it, and better. He's James Dean with a mean streak, or a deeper Johnny Depp.
Cheung did smart star turns as the lovers of two beguiling specters in A Chinese Ghost Story and Rouge, and he would later earn international acclaim in Chen Kaige's Concubine—still his fullest, grandest performance. But it was Wong Kar-wai who illuminated the inner Leslie on the big screen. Days of Being Wild made him a '60s Ah Fei (shiftless youth) whose mistreating of women is his payback to the mother who deserted him; it won Cheung a Hong Kong Film Award for best actor. In Ashes of Time, cast as a martial-arts scoundrel, he ably anchored a film of top Chinese stars and rapturous visual splendor. In the not-so-gay drama Happy Together he taught Tony Leung Chiu-wai how an actor prepares.
The film opens with a stark scene of the two main characters having sex. "When we tried to shoot the love scene it really shocked Tony," Cheung recalls. "He refused to do it. For two days he was miserable, lying on his bed. So I went up to him and said, 'Look at me, Tony, I've gone through so many scenes kissing, touching girls, grabbing breasts, do you think I really enjoyed it? Just treat it as a job, a normal love scene. I'm not going to fall in love with you, and I don't want you to really have sex with me. You're not my type.' So he agreed to do the scene." In other words: Tony, dear boy, why not try acting?
Though Cheung has directed an hour-long music drama and an all-star anti-smoking film, he will keep acting; he soon joins Anita Mui and Karen Mok in a Stanley Kwan film, and hopes to work with Zhang Yimou and the Crouching Tiger princess, Zhang Ziyi. Still, forever-young Leslie is having midlife doubts about his standing in post-'97 Hong Kong. "I've worked bloody hard for 20 years," he says passionately. "I was penniless, dying hard for my groceries. I can now live in a reasonably sized detached house. I'm still very strong in Japan and Korea. But I may be a little passE in Hong Kong. The place is so extravagant, vulgar, expensive. I may be too soft for Hong Kong. I don't always count myself as one of them."
Leslie, dear boy, why not try looking at yourself in the mirror and doing an elegant cha-cha? You'll see what you've been and still are: phantom lover, concubine, sweet prince.
Reported by Stephen Short/Hong Kong

B. 幫忙翻譯一篇英文采訪稿。翻譯的最好簡單一點

Today, I will talk to an english teacher. His name is Leon.
Hello, can you give me five minutes. I want to ask you some questions about english.
Q1: to you students, do you have special ways to teach them?
Q2: as an english teacher, what do you proud of most?
Q3: when you teach english, do you have any difficulty?
Q4: now many students can get a high score, but they can just speak a little. What is the reason?
Q5: in the world, english is the mother language of six countries, and eighty countries use it as a second language. So it is very important and Chinese people study it very hard. But a lot of students can not learn it well. So what do you think is the most important thing to learn english well?
Q6: do you think listening to english music can help us study english? Can you give us a example? English TV shows? Cartoons? Or movies?
Q7: which age do you think is the best for a child to study english? If too early, will it be a bad thing for the children』 mother language?
Q8: now, many children study english very early and their english is better than chinese. How do you think about this?
Thank you very much. I think this will help us a lot in studying english. God bye


C. 幫忙找一篇關於周傑倫的采訪稿(要英文的哦)

Five Things to Know About The Green Hornet's Jay ChouBy Melody ChiuFriday January 14, 2011 07:45 PM EST Stealing the spotlight as the badass sidekick in his first Hollywood role, Jay Chou stars as half of the crime-fighting o in Michel Gondry's new film The Green Hornet. Zipping around Los Angeles in Black Beauty, the Hornet's indestructible ride, Chou's character, Kato, undermines the city's gritty underworld as the brains and brawn of the operation. In real life, the 31-year-old ditches Kato'納圓s weapons and wields a microphone instead, selling out stadiums as one of Asia's brightest music superstars (his song "Nun-chuks" can be heard in the film). Before you catch the flick, opening Jan. 14, meet the Taiwanese native who's just as inventive – and smoldering – as his onscreen alter ego. 1. Music is his first love Wanting to stay on the straight and narrow, Chou used piano as an outlet to deal with any angst he had growing up in a single-parent household. "A lot of people think kids from single-parent homes turn out bad," he tells PEOPLE. "I wanted to prove them wrong, so I needed an outlet. Some play basketball and others drive fast cars. I make music."清春 After receiving formal training in piano and cello, he began writing music in his teens for pop artists. His debut album, which consisted of songs others had rejected, went on to sell 2 million copies. Over the past 10 years, Chou has sold more than 28 million albums worldwide and has won four World Music Awards. 2. He learned to speak English in one month Despite having only a light accent in the film, Chou spoke close to no English before stepping on the set of The Green Hornet. "答茄耐I spent three hours every day for a month memorizing the script and learning the meaning of the words," he says. "When audiences watch the movie, they might think my English is good, but I really don't know much." He even fooled co-stars Cameron Diaz and Seth Rogen, who recalled Chou improvising his lines several weeks into filming. "We were all like, 'What the hell?' " Rogen joked at the film's press junket earlier this month. "It took me 15 years to be able to do that." 3. His favorite American movie is TitanicWhile he plays a badass on screen and is a rocker in real life, Chou admits he's a big softie at heart. "I might look like an action movie kind of guy, but I love Titanic because it's so romantic," he tells PEOPLE. "I like making everyone think I'm a bad guy, but I'm really not." Unlike other rock stars, Chou insists he doesn't "smoke, drink or break guitars." 4. He did magic tricks for Cameron DiazSince learning magic tricks from a friend, Chou's been charming his way through music video shoots and movie sets. "I always cast foreign actresses for my videos," Chou says. "Since we can't communicate through words, I do magic tricks. Magic and music are similar. They're universal languages." The scene in which Kato flips a pen from his briefcase into a cup on Lenore's (played by Diaz) desk? All him. "He would come up with things [like that] on set," Diaz said at the junket, calling Chou a "phenomenal" magician. "He entertained us a lot with cards and slight of hand." 5. Fast food is his favorite part of AmericaBecause he's hounded by paparazzi in Asia, Chou says he feels more relaxed in America, where he's relatively unknown. "It feels like I'm on holiday," he admits. "I'm able to walk around markets and eat what I want because no one recognizes me." His favorite fast food joints? In-N-Out Burger, Carl's Jr. and Yoshinoya. "I love really fast food," he says. Other activities he enjoys in the states include sightseeing and playing basketball at Venice Beach. "I'm not as good as Kobe, but I'm pretty fast," he says.
《人物》專訪:關於周傑倫 五件你需要知道的事Melody Chiu(作者) 於2011年1月14日在第一部好萊塢電影中以屌翻的助手一角搶盡風頭,周傑倫在米歇爾剛瑞的青蜂俠中飾演打擊罪犯搭檔中的一個。在洛杉磯駕駛著黑美人--青蜂俠的無敵戰車,周傑倫的角色加藤與這座城市的地下勢力戰斗。          在現實中,這個32歲的男人扔掉加藤的武器,拿起了麥克風,身為亞洲最耀眼的明星之一,他的唱片狂賣(他的歌雙截棍可以在電影里聽到)。在你14日看到電影之前,來見識這位和在電影中同樣有創造力同樣悶騷的台灣人。          1. 音樂是他的最愛          因想做個地道的人,周傑倫用鋼琴來發泄成長在單親家庭中的焦慮情緒。「很多人認為單親的孩子會學壞,」他告訴《人物》:「我想要證明他們是錯的,所以我需要一個渠道。有些打籃球有些開快車(發泄),我做音樂。」          2. 他一個月學會了英語          盡管在電影中有輕微口音,周傑倫在拍青蜂俠前幾乎不會說英語。「一個月內我每天花3個小時背劇本,學單詞,」他說。「觀眾在看電影時可能以為我英文不錯,其實我真的不大會說。」他甚至把羅根和迪亞茲也騙了。羅根在電影宣傳時曾回憶周傑倫臨場發揮,他說:「搞什麼鬼,我花了15年才學會臨場。」          3. 他最喜歡的美國電影是泰坦尼克號          盡管他在電影中是個打架高手,在現實中是個唱快歌的歌手,他稱自己有柔軟的內心。「大概我看起來是那種喜歡動作片的,但是我喜歡泰坦尼克號,因為太浪漫,」他告訴《人物》。「我喜歡讓別人以為我是個壞人,但其實我不是。」和其他流行歌手不一樣,周傑倫稱他「不抽煙,喝酒,摔吉他」。          4. 他為卡梅隆迪亞茲變魔術          自從和一個朋友學會魔術,周傑倫就在mv和電影片場到處變魔術。「我的mv中總是有外國女演員,」周傑倫說,「因為我們不能用語言交流,我就變魔術。魔術和音樂很像,它們是國際語言。」有一場戲。。。劇透。「他會在片場上想出這類事,」迪亞茲曾說,並稱周傑倫是個魔術巨星。「他總是用紙牌和戲法娛樂我們。」          5. 他對美國最喜歡的是快餐          因為在亞洲杯狗仔隊包圍,周傑倫說他在美國更放鬆,因他在這里不算出名。「感覺像度假。」他說。「我能逛市場,吃我想吃的因為沒人認識我。」他最喜歡的食物?In-N-Out Burger, Carl's Jr. 和 Yoshinoya. 「我喜歡快餐。」他說。他在美國喜歡做的其他事情包括觀光和在Venice海灘打籃球。「我比不上科比,但我速度很快。」

D. 喜歡成龍電影采訪稿(英語作文)

他們 在城市盡頭,沒有繁華的街市,閃亮的霓虹;在城游旁鍵市的盡頭,只有破舊的棚戶區神巧,有飽經生活風霜的生命;在城市的盡頭,有他們這樣一群人。 讓我怎樣稱呼他們?外來務工人員子女?農民子弟?亦或是農民工二代?不,我不想用這些冰冷的名啟早字稱呼...

E. 一段有關名人訪談的英語口語對話

對話2:Behind the Gold Medal
Reporter: Congratulate you on earning all round champions!祝賀你獲得全能項目的金牌老備凳!
Yang Wei: Thank you!謝謝!
Reporter: At the moment can you tell us your feeling?你能告訴我們你此時此刻的心情嗎?
Yang Wei: Very excited and happy.很激動,也很高興。
Reporter: What do you want to say best?你現在最想說些什麼?
Yang Wei: Thank my coach my parents my close players and all the friends who support me fully. Thank you very much!感謝我的教練、我的父母、我親密無間的隊友們以及所有權利支持我的朋友們。謝謝你們!
Reporter: Your coach is very kind to you isn't he?你的教練對你非常好,對嗎?
Yang Wei: Yes. But very stict with me. He was quite strict in every movement ring the training sometimes it seemed to be a little severe.是的。但對我非常嚴格,他對我訓練中的每一個動作要求都相當嚴格,有時似乎有點苛刻。
Reporter: I think it is very helpful to you.我想這對你很有幫助。
Yang Wei: Now I understand it completely. Except that my players are always correcting my unperfect movements. I'm very thankful to them.現在我完全理解。除此之外,我的隊友也總給我糾正不完美的動作,我非常感激他們。
Reporter: Thank you for your time. Best wishes for you!謝謝你滾褲接受我們的采訪。祝侍旅福你!

對話1:That's Too Perfect
Bob: Did you watch the performance of gymnastics last night?昨天晚上的體操表演你看了嗎?
Jim: Of course. I like it best. He Kexin won uneven bars and her performance was too perfect!當然,我太喜歡了。何可欣贏得了高低杠金牌。她的表演太精彩了!
Bob: Last night her performance looked so relaxed and graceful.昨天晚上她的表演看上去是那樣的輕松自如,優美嫻熟。
Jim: She was quite an experienced gymnast! Not only the performance was perfect but also the movements were quite to the music.她是個相當有經驗的體操運動員,不但表演漂亮,動作和音樂的配合也完美無比。
Bob: Right. The movement that she balanced herself on the strength with a single arm was so wonderful that all the audience stood up.說得對。它用一隻手臂的力量保持整個身體平衡的那個動作做得如此出色,以致於所有的觀眾都站起來了。
Jim: En. It needs quite good skills and physical strength to do that.嗯。那需要相當高的技術和力量。
Bob: Yes. Her landing was also swift and sure.對,她的落地也同樣輕快嫻熟。

F. 英語作文寫一篇關於記者到山村采訪村民

ast week, I went to the theater with my friends, we wanted to see the hot movie, The Fast and the Furious7, many of my friends suggested me to see, they said it was so awesome. I was looking forward to seeing it. As the plot went into further, the cars drove so fast, the characters fought so strongly with the bad guys. I was very impressed by the fighting scenes, especially the characters drove their caring dropping off the airplane. The technology was such developed, the director and his team shot the good movie, which caught people』s eyes. I never see cars can flying in the sky, the movie broadens my vision.

G. 采訪電影明星的英語對話



You:Hi,Kobe!Congratulations on winning the game of the LAL to OKC.It is beautiful.

Kobe:Thank you!I think so.This is the sixth victory of our team. I really enjoy this game.

You:Well,can I ask you some questions?


You:Although you won, but it's also a narrow victory of 113-110, where do you think you still need to improve? Such as?

Kobe:Yes.I thinkI think our team has a lot of problems.Rival attack, our team getting too late, or interior defense is not tight, however our offense, seems a bit "in the coarse fine"。And another problem is the average age of our team slants big, make our team strength is groaning.

You:Your first game, I remember is it is against the chinese team, was not easy because they are at home, your expectations?

Kobe :Yeah, I expected to be the environment for us is special. i think we have no experience. such a game of the environment. the atmosphere would be very eager, but someone must go to the host country. we turn, we are very exciting, this is a very good opportunity to the stage show.

You : Have you heard that yao ming said about the first game.

Kobe:Haven't heard bryant.

You : He said that if the chinese team won the United States, he will retire.

Kobe : Oh.

You :Because of this is the climax of his career, do you think he have a chance?

Kobe : Opportunities is certainly yes. but i thought i heard him say that chinese fans will not be willing to see his retirement, who was willing to retire.

You: So you have to win.

Kobe: Therefore be clearly china, don't let him to have retired.


Today, we had the great pleasure and honor to interview Mr 黃, famous singer in the world. She showed genius when she was young and her song shows everyone that she is the best! Now, let’s welcome Mr 黃!

雷:Oh, so many fans of yours here today, is it your dream to be a famous singer?

黃: Yes, it makes me happy to be a singer,especially when my fans enjoy my music.

雷: Did you have a very good voice when you was young?

黃: Yes, I did.

雷:And how many concerts have made yet?

黃: I have made a lots of concerts around the world, to be honest, I can’t remember!

雷: Your last outdoor concert was a great success, has it encouraged you a lot?

黃: Yes, and I think it would not be successful wihtout my fans’ support, so I want to say thinks to my fans here.

雷: Everyone knows that you are also a good dancer as well as, you dancing always makes fans crazy, do you think you may can be professional dancer?

黃: Sure, if I have enough time to be both singer and dancer.

雷: At last, I heard your recent albums were pretty nice, can we sing one of your song together? And cheers for your new coming album!

黃: Absolutly, I’m quite happy to do that.

H. 英語采訪報道格式


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