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『壹』 tim給你推薦了幾部英語電影,你寫信表示感謝英語作文

Thank you for your sharing. I think they must be great interesting and worthing watching.

『貳』 怎樣寫關於學生會組織看電影的通知的英語作文 120詞左右

We Have to Say Goodbye

No rose, no diamond ring, that』s the simple and romantic love stories in college. The graates have to face the approaching of June, a time to farewell their beloved. When their future is confronted with love, which one is more important? What will the lovers do in June?


Don』t cry, my baby

There are so many love stories in college. If the lovers met each other by note passed, the story was called 「note love」; if they knew each other in fast food restaurant, then 「fast food love」; if they became lovers in a picnic, then 「picnic love」. Liu Bing got to know Xiao Yu through QQ chat, and they got the so-called 「QQ love」.

Their love story started at the end of 2nd Grade. Liu failed again in CET4 test and felt very upset. So he entered an Internet cafe near the school to kill time. While he was roaming about on the net, a stranger asked him through QQ, 「May I chat with you?」 Then he began chatting with him or her. Liu poured his trouble out and the other side appeased him patiently and asked him not to be discouraged, for there was still chance. After that, they promised to come to chat at 8 every day and it lasted for a week. Liu felt very happy. On the seventh day, the other side asked him, 「Do you want to see me?」 Liu typed 「Yes!」 without any hesitation. 「Then you can turn your head back.」 And Liu saw a lovely girl, whose name is Xiao Yu.

However, with the approaching graation they also face a difficult choice. Xiao Yu is a local girl and her home is in Wuhan. While Liu Bing comes from Xi』an. They are both the only child in their family. Their parents aren』t against their being together, but both wish their kid being at home. They quarreled about the orientation furiously and the focus of their conflict always was which city they would choose. Xi』an or Wuhan? They were up a gum tree and couldn』t come to terms.

Finally, Liu and Xiao Yu went to the Internet cafe and they were still back to back this time. When Liu typed out 「Let』s break up」, Xiao Yu couldn』t restrain her tears any more.

Still a long way to go

Chen Li has been unhappy recently. With the coming of graation, she』s become even more depressed. She and her boyfriend Jia Hao don』t have a special story; they got to know each other in the library. Both of them enjoy learning and staying in the library. They would go to cinema or walk on the streets at weekends. Three years have passed quietly. They promised to take the postgraate exam to Beijing at the 3rd grade. Unfortunately, Chen Li failed because of 2 points margin in English.

Jia Hao wanted Chen to go to Beijing with him and take exam there. Considering the economic condition, Chen thought it would be better to stay on campus. On the one hand, the living expense is lower here. On the other hand, she is familiar to the surroundings and can set her heart at studies.

At night, thinking that her lover would leave for Beijing, Chen Li』s tears fell down her cheeks silently, making her pillowslip wet all over. Although Jia Hao encouraged her over and over again that she would succeed at the second try and they would reunion in Beijing, however, he said so at the last time. Will their love still go on in case she fails?

A new life for us

Different from those sorrowful lovers, Ye Qing is like a happy bird flying in and out of her dormitory. She and her boyfriend were in the same class in high school. Fortunately they both came to Beijing though not in the same university. They』re not far from each other, although they can』t be very much in love every day like other love birds. Ye Qing feels contented that they can spend weekends together. Sometimes, Ye Qing would call her boyfriend and asked him to see her in half an hour and bring some snacks passingly.

Her boyfriend majors in the pop Communication. He has been employed by a well-known communicating corporation in Shenzhen. Ye Qing hasn』t found a satisfying job, but they』ve planed that she also goes to Shenzhen to hunt a job. As a major in Economic and Trade English, Ye thinks it not difficult in finding a job such as secretary or assistant. As far as buying house and car, she told us secretly, 「He promised that I needn』t consider that kind of things.」

To the moment they have enough time to wile away. Ye has decided it was time to make up for the past 4 years』 loss of romance. Now they』ve been shopping around, going to movies and playing badminton every day. Seeing her boyfriend being 「tortured」, Ye felt as happy as a princess in fairy tales.

Point of view

Hu Juan, graate of 2002

My love came to the end with the coming of graation. Nobody could taste my sorrow at that time. I felt I lost the man I loved most in the world. Such is not the fact. I worked, fell in love with another guy and then got married. Looking back on my love in college, I found that we were just in the same camp on entertainment. While my husband and I are living our lives.

Liu Xiaoming, graate of 2003

I』ve been married. Of course, my wife was my girlfriend in the university. We had been in love for 3 years. Compared with other husband and wife, we feel it a superiority to own each other』s past. We would talk about our university life and recall dribs and drabs. Whenever we recollect together, we could feel each other』s heartbeat. And the expression in our eyes would become very gentle. The beautiful memory will always nourish our marriage.

Li Rong, senior

It』s enough that each love starts with a beautiful beginning. As for whether it will come to an end, I feel it unnecessary to think too much. Love out of campus doesn』t always have a happy ending. Therefore, when love comes, we should enjoy the pleasure of loving. When love comes to an end, we could also taste its grief of parting. Tears taste sweet as long as you love your life.

Wang Qin, senior

I don』t have a boyfriend, but some boys are wooing me. I feel they』re not my cup of tea, so I refused. I have a wish that they could give me a hug before I leave by train when I graate. I admire those who are in love on campus and at the same time I felicitate myself on not choosing at random. During the four years in university, as long as you live in earnest, you won』t regret, whether you own love or not, whether your love has future or not.
















扈娟 02屆畢業生


劉小明 03屆畢業生


李蓉 大四學生


王琴 大四學生


















Do students have the right to fall in love in college?」

This is a controversial issue in our times. Just as a coin has two sides, no side is better than the other; it is often difficult to distinguish what is right from what is wrong? Love is a feeling deep within our hearts.

Roaming around the campus, you often hear people proclaim: 「Why didn』t Cupid aimed his arrow at me?」 「Where is my handsome prince?」 This is probably why songs about love are so popular among the youth.

Last year, I remember when one of my roommates met her Romeo. First, she ate very little for days and just sat opposite from the mirror singing: 「Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?」 We thought that she must be crazy and got the urge to ship her to the hospital. Later, they became lovers and we saw a twinkle in her eyes. She said: 「Our match is made in heaven, there is a chemical bond between us.」 In the days following, a smile always hung from her face. Isn』t love powerful?

Another one of my roommates was not as fortunate. She had a boyfriend but now all that is history. The boy was a couch potato. They used to fight over very trivial things. She finally got fed up with the boy and separated quite unpleasantly. We better not go through this kind of love.

I am the only one who is still single in my dormitory. My friends asked me why I haven』t found my Mr. Right. They said when I got older, there would be no one waiting for me. To be honest, I』m not afraid at all. The ratio of man versus woman is 133 to 100. Thus, I think it is the boys who would have to act quickly or they will be single for the rest of their lives. In addition, I』m also the youngest in my class. I have more time left and I would like to enjoy my life freely without the hindrance from another person.

Our elders exaggerate about love in college. They say love is a waste of time and money. It will often cause people to forget their studies and eventually may even destroy their lives. I think we are all grown-ups and we have the ability to manage our own affairs.

So, go with your heart and never regret!

譯: 這是我們這個時代頗有爭議的話題。正如一個硬幣有兩面一樣,不能說正面就比反面好;通常明辨是非是很難的吧?愛情是我們內心一種很深的感情。







The love of the campus

In campus study can be boosted in many ways, one of them is study with your girlfriend(boyfriend), if you are the guys who abandoned yourself in the PC games, and can not push yourself out of it, then this time, your lover is very power of study( except that your lover is also the addicter in PC game or something else), she(he) can force you to the library or somewhere,and she(he) will also make you aware of the importance of knowledge with knocking your head or pretending to be angree with you, how romantic the actions are?

In addition, Of course, not all the lovers can do that, it is depended on both of your view of love and personality, Take man as example, if you are a responsible man, you may have already realized that knowledge was the most important, without that you can not stand stably in the competitive society, much less your love. OK, you said,"We do not need the bread, we can be full with drinking the love spring". However, that's your own opinion, as you are still in campus, you haven't seen the brutal aspect of the society, the experience accumulated by the former cases have shown that bread is the basic stone for our love, without that , you can not reach anything.

We can blame on the fast developing world cause it destroy the chaste love and make it a little dirty, but we have to acknowledge that, it is true, what should we do? Only one, keep the "bread is the basic stone for our love" as our motto.

Campus love can be seen everywhere, the undergraate students are generally about 19 to 24 years old, their bodies and their mind both long for love.
There are often two attitudes on campus love, one is it is acceptable and natural , the other is it is surely opposed since it will affect the students' main task- study.
To my surprise when I worked in an university , I've found some excellent students fall in love and both male and female students's study are improved greatly and they feel happy too.
It seems to me whether campus love will affect their study depends on the indivials and their self-discipline.
I suppose whether a student in college will have a gf or bf should be a natural course , however I often told my students it's not necessarily to have a bf or gf within the four years, anyway, the campus is relatively small and they surely have more or better choice after they graate.


『叄』 關於推薦電影的初中英語作文


『肆』 寫一篇介紹電影的英語作文



"Eight hundred" is a war film proced by Huayi Brothers Film Co., Ltd. and Beijing seven impression culture media Co., Ltd.


Directed by Guan Hu, Huang Zhizhong, Ou Hao, Wang Qianyuan, Jiang Wu, Zhang Yi, Du Chun, Wei Chen, Li Chen, Yu Haoming, etc.


At the end of the battle of Songhu in 1937, the fierce war between China and Japan had lasted for three months, and Shanghai was on the verge of being occupied.


The "800 heroes" were ordered to stay in Zhabei, Shanghai, and fought hard for four days at the Sihang warehouse on the Bank of Suzhou River. They were ordered to withdraw to the British concession on October 30.


影片評價(Film evaluation)——


The film broadens the dimension of our understanding of heroes. Before they sacrifice their lives for righteousness, they also have ordinary, even inlgent cowardice and struggle.


The characterization of "eight hundred" adopts the technique of group portrait. There are more than 20 main characters alone, but this also makes it impossible to remember the main characters.

『伍』 英語作文:推薦一部電影。


『陸』 電影推薦作文 英文80至100字,包括:主演,故事情節,結局,片名。電影最好是戰爭片

"Saving Private Ryan (Saving to Ryan) is one of the classic war movie, description on Normandy, Ryan home four in front the sons of pan, in addition to the subordinate 101st airborne able seaman, the youngest son of James Ryan still missing outside, other three sons are already in two weeks in combat. American army chief general Marshall know this matter by a humanitarian concerns, specially makes the front organization a 8 people squad, in order to find out is boundless, between life and death the relations of able seaman James Ryan, and its peace back to the rear. The film is most prurient interest began on Normandy subordinate scene, a considerable degree recreate the same cruel and deadly.

《拯救大兵瑞恩》(Saving Private Ryan)是美國經典戰爭電影之一,描述諾曼底登陸後,瑞恩家4名於前線參戰的兒子中,除了隸屬101空降師二等兵的小兒子詹姆斯·瑞恩仍下落不明外,其他3個兒子皆已於兩周內陸續戰死。美國陸軍參謀長馬歇爾上將得知此事後出於人道考量,特令前線組織一支8人小隊,只為在人海茫茫、槍林彈雨中找出生死未卜的二等兵詹姆斯·瑞恩,並將其平安送回後方。該片最為人津津樂道的是開頭的諾曼底登陸搶灘場面,相當程度重現了當年的殘酷與慘烈。

『柒』 我是李華寫一則通知邀請大家看英語電影的英語100詞作文

Hi all ! There will be a screening of the movie "Homeless to Harvard : The Liz Murray Story " tomorrow evening from 7 to 99 pm in the school hall . This movie is about the inspirational story of a girl working hard .
Please come in on time , don't be late , write a review after watching the movie , and talk about your views on the movie .
Students' Union

『捌』 求救,急急急!!求一篇英語作文:推薦電影 百萬英鎊給別人,要有大體故事情節 在線等回答

英文簡介:In 1903, American seaman Henry Adams (Gregory Peck) is stranded penniless in England and gets caught up in an unusual wager between two wealthy, eccentric brothers, Oliver (Ronald Squire) and Roderick Montpelier (Wilfrid Hyde-White). They get a bank to issue a one million pound note (£1,000,000), which they present to Adams in an envelope (only telling him that it contains some money). Oliver believes that the mere existence of the note will enable the possessor to obtain whatever he needs, while Roderick contends that it would actually have to be spent for it to be of any use.

Once Adams gets over the shock of discovering how much the note is worth (and that it is genuine), he tries to return it to the brothers, but is told that they have left for a month. He then finds a letter in the envelope, explaining the wager and promising him a job if he can avoid spending the note for the month.

At first, everything goes as Oliver had predicted. Adams is mistaken for an eccentric millionaire and has no trouble getting food, clothes, and a hotel suite on credit, just by showing his note. The story of the note is reported in the newspapers. Adams is welcomed into exclusive social circles, meeting the American ambassador and English aristocracy. He becomes very friendly with Portia Lansdowne (Jane Griffiths), the niece of the Duchess of Cromarty.

Then, fellow American Lloyd Hastings (Hartley Power) asks him to back a business venture. Hastings tells Adams that he does not have to put up any money himself; the mere association will allow Hastings to raise the money he needs to start up a gold mine by selling shares.

Trouble arises when the Duke of Frognal (A.E. Matthews), who had been unceremoniously evicted from the suite Adams now occupies, hides the note as a joke. When Adams is unable to proce the note, panic breaks out amongst the shareholders and Adams' creditors. Fortunately, all is straightened out in the end, and Adams is able to return the note to the Montpelier brothers at the end of the month.

『玖』 英語作文,關於觀看電影後的通知

Hi all!

There will be a screening of the movie 「Homeless to Harvard: The Liz Murray Story」 tomorrow evening from 7pm to 9pm in the school hall. This movie is about the inspirational story of how a girl went against all odds to achieve success as an Ivy League student despite a dysfunctional family background and poor upbringing. We hope that this movie will serve as a motivation for everyone to study and work hard, seeing how someone from a less priviledged background than ours can do the very same with hard work and determination.

Please do not be late for the movie screening, and there will be a piece of writing task in the form of a movie review and reflection to be done as homework.

Hope to see you there!

Li Hua

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