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1. 要兩篇英語電影的影評,急用,中午之前要。二三百字即可

It's a very sad mobie.It told us a great love store.It told us find the ture love is the most iamporter in our lives.
In the film.The store happened at 1912.Jack,a poor drawer got a ticket for the Tatanic by playing cards.To his surprises,he found his true love in the ship,her name is Rose.She has been a rich girl.But after her father died.She and her mother became poor soon.So her mother wanted Rose to got marrid with the richman Rose didn't like. So Rose didn't like the rich life and fell into the love river with Jack as quick as possibe.But the richman and her mother stoped them,her mother told her,if Rose won't marrid the richman,they will lose their rich lives and told Rose not to look for Jack any more.I felt the mother just lives for herself,and she only could the other persons she knowed lives for herself.
But love is so madical.It let everybody lost theirselves.Rose ran away with Jack.But they have lost,they caught back.But on that night,Tatanic hit the iceborg,and started to sink.They ran away again.But there haven't any liveboat more.As the back of the ship sank first,so they climbed to the head of the ship.After a while,the head of the ship started to sink,too,at the last time.Jack found a wode,he told Rose get on,and he lost his live.At the last time of his life,he said to Rose to enjoy her life.In the film,I found the best thing in the wrold,there is love,at the accident,I found the love bettwen the persons;At the last I found the love bettwen Jack and Rose.So the film told me find the love is the most iamporter thing in our lives
It's the end of the world according to Roland Emmerich, which at least guarantees that we go out with a bang and not a whimper. 2012 stands as the director's grand end-of-days party; his crowning act of global vandalism: here is a film that thinks nothing of pushing California into the ocean, or knocking Christ the Redeemer off his perch above Rio, or flattening the White House beneath an aircraft carrier washed in by a tsunami. At one stage Woody Harrelson's wild-eyed radio preacher rolls up to explain that "something like this could only originate in Hollywood". And in this, as in all things, he preaches the truth.

Emmerich has already earned a reputation as the excitable Cassandra of the blockbuster circuit. His speciality is the cacophonous tale of doom; beefed-up B-movies which come augmented with Wagnerian special effects that all-but dwarf the human inhabitants. In the past he has had the planet threatened by aliens in Independence Day, munched by a monster in Godzilla and blanketed by ice in The Day After Tomorrow. For the nearly $200m spent on 2012, he has used an age-old (and inevitably disputed) Mayan prophecy as an excuse to mount his biggest, loudest demolition job to date.

The earth's crust is crumbling and the core is heating up like a microwave, and the final curtain is e on 21 December 2012. The world's elite are hastening to an escape route in a secret Himalayan mountain base. Emmerich ly gives us the collapse, the panic and the rush to possible safety, in a series of parallel plot-lines and then chasing them through to finish.

The most notable of these features John Cusack as Jackson Curtis, a failed writer and weekend father, who races to spirit his family out of danger. Elsewhere, Chiwetel Ejiofor plays a government scientist who finds himself shuttling between a noble US president (Danny Glover) and his cold-blooded chief of staff (Oliver Platt). This being a Roland Emmerich movie, the noble president finally opts to remain in Washington and go down with his people. For one brief, terrifying moment one wonders just what will finish him off: the aircraft carrier or the tide of schmaltz.

But then nobody ever looked to Emmerich for nuance or subtlety. 2012, like all good disaster movies, is big and brash and gloriously over-the-top. One watches this knowing full well how mb and unbelievable it all is, only to find your fists clenched and your brow sweating as one gut-wrenching action set-piece follows another. This, presumably, means that we believe it in the moment and that, with 2012, Emmerich has yet another hit on his hands. If the prophecies are to be believed, however, he has just three years to spend the money it earns.

2. 初中英語影評範文



There are so many amazing things in the world.這個世界上有太多不可思議的事情.If tomorrow is the end of the world,what can we do?如果明天是世界末日,我們可以做什麼?So now,i think we should keep smile everyday.所以現在,我覺得我們應該每天都微笑.After i finish the movie of "2012The end of the world",I feel very upset about that.我看完“2012世界末日”這電影之後,我感到很悲傷.When I saw the people die in the movie,I thought about if this event will happen to us,will we die very helpless?當我看到人類在這個電影里死了,我想到了如果這件事情發生在我們身上,我們會死得很無助嗎?If we have to die,I'll choose the one happy ending,like we

have to cherish what we have now.如果我們一定要死,我會選擇一個開心的結局,就好像我們一定要珍惜我們現在擁有的一切!My family and my friends are love me,there are so many people love me!我的家人和我的朋友都很愛我,有很多人都愛我!I should thanks God for gave me so many things.我應該感激上天給我的一切.When the end really came in the world,I will not feel regret!當世界末日真的來臨了,我也不會感到遺憾!Beginning at this minute,I'll be happy everyday!從這一分鍾開始,我會開心每一天!


The film review of “My Fairy Lady”

Eliza Doolittle is a beautiful young lady. She is a girl with happiness, even the place she live is dirty and crowd, she never let smile slipped out from her face. And she has a dream, a warm house with her lover, and a lot of chocolates to eat. “Wouldn’t it be lovely?”

Hey Higgins, an English Linguistic professor, is a typical English wealthy and defiant bachelor. He regards marriage the most boring and troublesome thing in the world. He is also a precise worker in his work as a language professor.

It is often mistakenly said that they collaborate because Higgins decides to improve Eliza's cockney accent. But in fact it is Eliza who takes the initiative, presenting herself at Hey's bachelor quarters to sign up for lessons: "I know what lessons cost as well as you do, and I'm ready to pay."

The lesson followed is a nightmare to not only Eliza but also Higgins. Higgins take this collaborates as an experiment and always a way to show his ability. He pushes Eliza day and night practicing her pronunciation. As Eliza and Higgins train together, they become accustomed to each other even though it is an abusive relationship on Higgins' part.

This film stays true to the original material, and Higgins doesn't cave in ring a soppy rewritten "happy ending." Astonished that the ungrateful

Eliza has stalked out of his home, Higgins asks, "Why can't a woman be more like a man?" Why can not? He believe man is much more justice faithfulness and tolerate than woman. With his mother’s remindful words, Higgins realizes he loves Eliza, but even in the play's famous last line he perseveres as a defiant bachelor: "Eliza? Where the devil are my slippers?" It remains an open question for us, at the final curtain, whether Eliza stays to listen to what he says next.

This story has no business with romantic in my mind. What it tells me is about change and attitude. Eliza’s father, used to be a man has nothing left to lose, is now tied by morality and status which he never cares about before. The change of his financial affairs leads to the change of his living attitude. Casting back the reason why it happens is just a joke said by Higgins, and that is really a satire, isn’t it?

Generally speaking, although three hours of the time is actually a little bit long, this film is still worth to watch, I highly recommend it.



阿甘有自己的堅持,他不斷地跑步,JUST RUNS. 他跑步不為任何理由.他說:"人要往前看,千萬不要被過去拖累.我想我跑步就是這個意義”和過去告別,不停留在原處.也許這世界上太多人隨撥逐流,很少人會堅持做一件事,阿甘堅持自己的堅持,於是他成了“神”.影片中還有一位主要人物是上校丹.他在越南戰爭中失去了雙腿.他說他的命運就是戰死.然而阿甘卻救他,讓他活了下來.失去雙腿後他開始憎恨生活,生活得很頹廢,責怪阿甘當初救了他.然而當他調整心態,去和阿甘一起捕魚生活,有了收獲後,開始感覺到生活的美好.感謝阿甘當初就了他.影片試圖通過這個角色告訴觀者生活總是美好的.烏雲後有彩虹,絕境後有重生.關鍵是看我們給不給自己一個好心態,一個機會去改變不好的現狀.影片試圖向觀者傳達這樣一個信息:或許做好我們該做的每一件事,生活就會給我們一個好的回饋.只要有一種堅持就會出現一個奇跡.

Mr. A Gan has his own perseverance, keeping on running without of any reason, JUST RUNS. He said: “Man has t look forward, and never encumbered by foretime. I thank that's the meaning of my running.” Say goodbye to foretime and don't stay in-place. Although so many people in the world are used to follow others and few people can stick to one thing, Mr. A Gan does and becomes “GOD”. There is another character Captain Dan. Dan lost his legs in Vietnarm War. He said that his fate is death in war. However, Mr. A Gan saved him and let him be alive. After losing legs, Dan was decadent and disgusted with life, complaining that A

Gan shouldn't save him. When he adjusted his mind, living on fishing with A Gan, he started to enjoy the wonderful life and thank A Gan's help. The movie is intended to tell people that life is wonderful by this character. Rainbow is always after cloud. The key point is that whether we have a good mind and an opportunity to ourselves to change bad situation. The movie is also sent such a message to us: do well what we should do, and life will return us well. There will be a miracle if only there is perseverance.

3. 2012英文電影影評











007 first episode, big villain Dr John Ure is a Chinese, the film released in 1962, October 5, after 15 days, the Sino-Indian border conflict broke out, four years after the Cultural Revolution in China to further its own closed, mystery The Red Storm from the East in general into the sky, swept the entire world, and those rages hoarsely roaring of the leftist students in fact did not know then what is taking place in China.

The Cultural Revolution in the past 33 years, the eyes of Westerners, China is like? This question has always been stirring up the hearts of all Chinese people, we would like a teenager, with people proud of the achievements, but also has shortcomings can not be ignored, edgy look forward, looking forward to all those who applaud achievements, and everyone put than those deficiencies. We look forward to every large in China's shadow, in every country there should be a big scene to find that a large red banner, and every wild notion of the disaster facing the world when they are looking forward to China's appears. We waited for the past what is it? Is worn the same brutal, such as concentration camps, prisons, the American-style Chinese panda journey to lose weight is a old-style military uniforms and the cold is a wealthy high-rolling gangsters, is simple but good enough to eat people. We are so concerned about the Western media's views on us, so "Reference News" sales of very high; we are so concerned about the lens inside the Hollywood kind of how China is, so we are angry after disappointing that we abuse, we are dismayed.

Like a teenager, wearing shoes with feet kicked street trash, vent plausible but in fact his anger does not matter: all these are just growing pains.

Why care about Hollywood lens, China is like? Do not need to pull before the meteorite hit the Earth in China also launched a nuclear bomb, we know that he can destroy the world; do not need to make Batman jumping in Hong Kong, we know that they have skyscrapers; do not need a foreign director moved, we know that in 2008 in May, Wenchuan, Yingxiu, Beichuan how brilliant shining, it is not bright enough to a long history in the human left bright point. No, in fact, we never need Hollywood's recognition and appreciation of the Western world, we have, "Southern Weekend", with Jane Kwangju, there is Lu Guang, there is × × ×, there is × × × (please feel free to fill in the blank, as long as may be 豆瓣remove the names are in line with conditions), we can find their own problems, we also have the courage to tell these brave fellow.

But - yes - yes, like that young, we hope that the hypertrophy of Chen Chu their uniforms to a sudden jump high 8 cm tall; we hope that the monotony, and everyone can be a bit like hair changes; We hope to become the most attractive peers of that one - especially with the southwest corner compared to that dark and cousin;, of course, our best hope is that those predecessors were able to say: boy, yes!

Even though some of those predecessors extremely wealthy, and some Xuefu five cars, already Laoyanhunhua, keep up with the times, it can not crush the foam.

Young China ah, young Chinese, when I was sitting in the cinema can not escape convention to effortlessly find your shadow pm; when your name appears on the chart, I exclaimed out loud when the heart Anshuang; when I, like all the audience and saw the helicopter was 81 when the star emblem of a knowing smile, we are all a part of you - your young minds, you Guzuoshenchen, your immaturity, your precocious, your energy, you do not perfect, you have momentum, you are not confident, you are courageous.

Hollywood's lens will never have our eyes China, we are in the eyes of China will only appear in the Chinese film lens. Western media's pen will never have a real Chinese history, Chinese history, the record will always use the Chinese characters, which used to exist in the Chinese historian bosom of the bamboo and the ordinary people of the legend, today was sitting in front of the computer for each one You and I tap those Western journalists who miss each and every one laugh a misery, have been our loyal records.

So, no need to expend a tremendous amount to look for "China's Ark", and no need for that one, "Only China can do in a short time" and is good enough for infinity, Liang in "Young China, said that" that China "magnificent full-bodied, Innocent Steps masterpiece", is not it? In those white-skinned decrepit are already Pashanding time, waiting for their only down the road, but climbing is not half of the Young China, raised his head, the front is a long-hoped-300 years of utterly scenery.

Hollywood might as well forget the Chinese bar, improper major opponent, but also not intended to be a savior, even if you do not want the lens in the Russian oligarchs, Saudi Arabia's Crown Prince, India's science geeks be as profiling. How to schele your supporting by your own happy, but the real China, there is the Chinese people when the main character of the movie.

Well, kind-hearted Chinese people have agreed, after the film was a disaster An Men, but also give you the Americans stay in a boat. Oh, to lose weight.

4. 求《2012》的電影影評 300-400字左右

影片《2012》中所謂的「世界末日」,我們既不必當真,也不必批判。 世界末日這件事情,純粹站在科學的立場上說,這個可能性總是存在的。因為不可知的災難什麼時候都可能發生——也許下一個小時就是末日,這個可能性也存在,只不過它的概率非常小而已。況且按照我們的唯物主義理論,這個世界有始也有終,地球本身,太陽系本身,也都有生命周期,都有衰老死亡之日,那時候當然就是世界末日了。從這個意義上來說,世界末日當然是存在的。 但問題是,當我們現在討論對於世界末日之說「相不相信」時,我們是另有暗含問題的。當我們談論「相不相信」時,我們其實暗含著另外一個問題——那就是:如果你信了,你准備怎麼生活下去?如果你不信,你又准備怎麼生活下去? 比方說,如果你確信一年之後是世界末日了,和你確信一年之後世界還將是正常的,你此刻的生活態度就會不一樣。在前面一種情形下,也許你覺得反正再過兩年世界就完蛋了,從現在開始很多約束你都不願意接受了,你想吃喝玩樂,你想醉生夢死,你想倒行逆施……。如果你相信世界還是正常的,那你當然不會胡來了。也就是說,你是不是打算按照一年後世界要毀滅來安排你現在的生活。理智告訴我們,絕大部分人都不可能這樣安排生活,都不可能接受這個假設來安排生活。絕大部分人,只要還有理性,肯定會按照「兩年後世界將是正常的」這一假定來安排自己的生活。 那麼為什麼大部分人在這種情形下都會相信世界將是正常的呢。因為根據現有的科學理論,我們可以知道兩年後世界將是正常的,即使太陽系真會發生什麼變化,那也是長周期的變化,幾年的時間尺度之內當然感覺不到。 那麼為什麼我們相信科學,而不相信神秘主義的預言呢?那是因為,科學在以往這幾百年裡所取得的業績,讓我們相信這個理論是管用的,它對於大部分自然現象的解釋是正確的。比方說,它對萬有引力的理解是正確的,以至於我們可以發射一艘飛船飛向火星,居然就真能在火星上著陸,這說明我們計算的軌道是正確的,我們計算這個軌道所依據的整套理論也是正確的,如果它有一點不正確,飛船就飛不到那裡去。從這個意義上說,科學的權威當然是最大的。大部分人面臨這個選擇的時候,還是願意選擇科學。選擇科學,我們當然假定兩年後世界還將是正常的,我們當然也就不信末日預言了。 有人曾預言,影片《2012》上映之後,大家會更加熱衷於談論「世界末日」之類的神秘主義話題,現在看來倒是有點不幸而言中了。當然,作為談資,看完電影後,沿著電影里神秘主義的話題繼續討論討論,這很自然,也常能令人愉快,也不至於有多大害處。可是你不會因為這個而改變你對生活的預期和安排——你明天該上班還是要上班!

5. 電影2012英文影評(按照我的中文翻譯,要求不要太難)

2012 is a 2009 disaster film directed by Roland Emmerich. The film stars John Cusack, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Amanda Peet, Oliver Platt, Danny Glover, Thandie Newton and Woody Harrelson. It was distributed by Columbia Pictures. Filming began in August 2008 in Vancouver.
The film briefly references Mayanism, the Mesoamerican Long Count calendar, and the 2012 phenomenon in its portrayal of cataclysmic events unfolding in the year 2012. Because of solar flare bombardment the Earth's core begins heating up at an unprecedented rate, eventually causing crustal displacement. This results in an onslaught of Doomsday event scenarios plunging the world into chaos, ranging from California falling into the Pacific Ocean, the eruption of the Yellowstone National Park caldera, massive earthquakes, and Megatsunami impacts along every coast line on the Earth. The film centers around an ensemble cast of characters as they narrowly escape multiple catastrophes in an effort to reach ships in the Himalayas, along with scientists and governments of the world who are attempting to save as many lives as they can before the disasters ensue.
I think,it will be, for its audiences, one of the most satisfactory films of the year and it really can be called the "mother of all disaster movies".

6. 電影觀後感英文版



Or the dream factory has always been the high standard, the screen exquisite detail, vivid characters vivid, touching story twists and turns, the most important thing is it in the most simple and easy to understand that the way of a token, that is - there is no shortcut to the world and Cheats, the only winning Famen is believe in themselves.

篇二: 這個殺手不太冷

This film was absolutely amazing. I have spent hours re-watching various scenes and noticing all the perfection with which they are acted and directed. It's not the violence or action sequences that make this movie so great (although they are well done...), but rather moments like where Mathilda knocks on Leon's door. It would be so easy to just film the door opening, but instead we see light illuminating Natalie Portman's face, symbolizing something angelic. And the moment has so much more meaning.

I know a lot of people who have seen this film because they are action fans. I'm not. But I'm glad I finally found it, because it's a wonderful film in so many other ways.


Harry Potter is a series of seven fantasy novels written by British author J. K. Rowling. The books chronicle the adventures of the eponymous adolescent wizard Harry Potter, together with Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger, his best friends. The central story arc concerns Harry's struggle against the evil wizard Lord Voldemort, who killed Harry's parents in his quest to conquer the wizarding world, after which he seeks to subjugate the Muggle (non-magical) world to his rule.

篇四:動畫喜劇 海底總動員

Somewhere, under the sea, weak-finned clown fish Nemo (Alexander Gould) lives with his fretful father, Marlin (Albert Brooks). Smothered by pop's paranoia, he ventures away from the reef, but his dad's dread is justified when a passing diver whisks him away.

Taken to a tank in a Sydney dentists, Nemo meets Gill (Willem Dafoe) and co - friendly fish who dream of escaping to the ocean. Meanwhile, Marlin bumps into a blue tang named Dory (Ellen DeGeneres), and sets out to save his son...

The splendour of natural history hit The Blue Planet is matched by the wit of the script and stars. Barry Humphries has a terrific cameo as a great white shark who's sworn off killing (Remember, fish are friends, not food!), while DeGeneres provides perfect timing and tone as Dory, whose short-term memory loss is a gag that never stops running


There are so many amazing things in the world.這個世界上有太多不可思議的事情.If tomorrow is the end of the world,what can we do?如果明天是世界末日,我們可以做什麼?So now,i think we should keep smile everyday.所以現在,我覺得我們應該每天都微笑.After i finish the movie of "2012The end of the world",I feel very upset about that.我看完「2012世界末日」這電影之後,我感到很悲傷.When I saw the people die in the movie,I thought about if this event will happen to us,will we die very helpless?當我看到人類在這個電影里死了,我想到了如果這件事情發生在我們身上,我們會死得很無助嗎?If we have to die,I'll choose the one happy ending,like we have to cherish what we have now.如果我們一定要死,我會選擇一個開心的結局,就好像我們一定要珍惜我們現在擁有的一切!My family and my friends are love me,there are so many people love me!我的家人和我的朋友都很愛我,有很多人都愛我!I should thanks God for gave me so many things.我應該感激上天給我的一切.When the end really came in the world,I will not feel regret!當世界末日真的來臨了,我也不會感到遺憾!Beginning at this minute,I'll be happy everyday!從這一分鍾開始,我會開心每一天!


阿甘有自己的堅持,他不斷地跑步,JUST RUNS. 他跑步不為任何理由.他說:"人要往前看,千萬不要被過去拖累.我想我跑步就是這個意義」和過去告別,不停留在原處.也許這世界上太多人隨撥逐流,很少人會堅持做一件事,阿甘堅持自己的堅持,於是他成了「神」.影片中還有一位主要人物是上校丹.他在越南戰爭中失去了雙腿.他說他的`命運就是戰死.然而阿甘卻救他,讓他活了下來.失去雙腿後他開始憎恨生活,生活得很頹廢,責怪阿甘當初救了他.然而當他調整心態,去和阿甘一起捕魚生活,有了收獲後,開始感覺到生活的美好.感謝阿甘當初就了他.影片試圖通過這個角色告訴觀者生活總是美好的.烏雲後有彩虹,絕境後有重生.關鍵是看我們給不給自己一個好心態,一個機會去改變不好的現狀.影片試圖向觀者傳達這樣一個信息:或許做好我們該做的每一件事,生活就會給我們一個好的回饋.只要有一種堅持就會出現一個奇跡.

Mr. A Gan has his own perseverance, keeping on running without of any reason, JUST RUNS. He said: 「Man has t look forward, and never encumbered by foretime. I thank that's the meaning of my running.」 Say goodbye to foretime and don't stay in-place. Although so many people in the world are used to follow others and few people can stick to one thing, Mr. A Gan does and becomes 「GOD」. There is another character Captain Dan. Dan lost his legs in Vietnarm War. He said that his fate is death in war. However, Mr. A Gan saved him and let him be alive. After losing legs, Dan was decadent and disgusted with life, complaining that A

Gan shouldn't save him. When he adjusted his mind, living on fishing with A Gan, he started to enjoy the wonderful life and thank A Gan's help. The movie is intended to tell people that life is wonderful by this character. Rainbow is always after cloud. The key point is that whether we have a good mind and an opportunity to ourselves to change bad situation. The movie is also sent such a message to us: do well what we should do, and life will return us well. There will be a miracle if only there is perseverance.

7. 2012電影影評

席捲全球的金融海嘯,在《2012》里化作「真海嘯」,國際社會的格局也因此洗牌。但我給高分的原因非常簡單,《2012》是一部很優秀的商業巨制,極適合發展到現階段的中國電影產業作為今後的遠大目標和經典範本,來參考、吸收、學習。這是一場繽紛絢爛的CG秀,一頓「災難無限量自助」的霸王餐;但更是一件流行潛力之強、適用范圍之廣令人驚嘆的優質商品。所謂電影工業,所謂流水線,看完本片,再回想上映之前以「趙本山斗雞眼」為賣點的貼片廣告,用不著拍它的人自慚形穢,我們這些看客又情何以堪!? 而《2012》的妙處,遠不止他的精良和豪快,災難在這部主打視覺效果的災難大片里居然只是前台的小角色,存在於背後的國際新秩序與ZF陰謀論,才是內在的看點。相信大家都已經聽說了「中國拯救全人類」的情節設置,其合理性在於「能在短時間內如此高度集中人力物力,非中國而不能」——這番感慨的來源其實是北京奧運會成功舉辦、金融危機又難傷中國的筋骨,中國在世界各地尤其以美國為首的西方國家心目中的形象劇變。……毫不客氣地說,《2012》已經是好萊塢大片所能做到的諂媚中國的底線;開個玩笑,連片子里表現最搶眼的狗都不是金毛獵犬,而是慈禧太後最愛的品種。 但不止是中國,影片中的各人種、各國家、各民族的角色形象及其命運,在表現不同個性與文化特色的同時,也反映出好萊塢或者說「自詡一號公民」的美國人眼裡當今世界的三六九等。義大利總統棄船祈禱,既是重視家族觀念的選擇,也是天主教徒虔誠的體現;女王在滅頂之災來臨前依舊優雅淡定,當然是在調侃英國佬的古板、自我、明哲保身;里約熱內盧在兩次地震後陷入無ZF的混亂狀態,多少有些諷刺當今南美政壇與經濟狀況的意味;而印度科學家雖然睿智超前,卻是最先被西方國家忽視乃至犧牲的薄弱一環;阿拉伯地區更慘,充當「印鈔機」容易,作為「共同生存發展的夥伴」難。 當然,四大主線,除了非裔學者和白人作家一黑一白兩條「美國老百姓自己的故事」之外,另外兩根分別屬於俄羅斯和中國,還是能夠洞察電影製作者對國際新秩序的理解。先來看美帝的老對手俄羅斯:無論從角色「尤里」還是運輸機「安東諾夫」中,都能窺見老美怎樣看待如今的俄國——冷酷、強大、盡管衰敗、死而未僵,國家經濟的脆弱與在解體後抓住體制漏洞上位的巨賈暴富,形成鮮明對比。那個號稱「38戰34勝」卻在心理防線崩潰之後迅速被K.O.的拳擊手就很典型,雖然厲害但運行的系統很扭曲。而尤里身為人父的可敬結局以及雙胞胎與兄妹倆的相處融洽,又充滿了來自歐美陣營一廂情願的示好。 再來看有關中國的內容。技術工人「天欽」受傷後大難不死,寓意中華民族頑強的生命力;危難時刻小喇嘛的車拯救主角一家人,暗指中國經濟的增長是老美今後發展的重要機遇。中國人很容易有民族自豪感,因此《2012》絕對會讓咱大多數中國觀眾看得心花怒放;而我之所以「感動」,更重要的原因是影片在政治上竭盡全力的一碗水端平與友好。實話實說,好萊塢內部在西藏問題上不懷好意者大有人在,莎朗·斯通、理查·基爾之類不勝枚舉;而《2012》涉及中國的部分考據之細、表現之巧,可謂史無前例。 首先是非常驚艷的「黨和國家一定會給大家重建家園」,這是完全寫實的當代中國的講話格式。接著是「八國首腦會議」,雖然現實中的八國峰會是美、英、法、德、意、加、日、俄,但根據片中的「卓明谷計劃」,可以推測中國ZF可能劇中「八國」的一員。現實中,我國很早就聲明過在國際社會中不搞集團化,於是,這場「八國會議」有一個鏡頭:某國首腦的背影,旁邊的國旗虛焦,但旗子的顏色是一片紅,眾所周知,美、法、德、日、加、俄的國旗的紅,達不到這種效果。再次是領土完整的中國地圖,最後是「歡迎來到中華人民共和國」,艾默里奇大師肯定沒想到這幾處在我國引發民族主義的掌聲吧? 所以《2012》容易把人代入,很簡單,因為人家尊重你,盡可能按你實際的狀態對你進行塑造和讀解,而不再是隨便拿個什麼唐人街的恐怖寵物店謊稱北京、或用比寶麗布噴繪還粗糙的「CG版東方明珠」充當上海,某種意義上堪稱中國國際地位提高的比較直觀、可信的表現。有人認為這不過是為賺中國票房的需要,可縱使《2012》的內地票房達4億人民幣,也才5000多萬美元,而該片在北美首映三天的流水就有6500萬刀,所以並非要因。更有好事者說《2012》辱華,原因是「變相嘲諷我們是勞動力密集型產業國」。一、難道不是么?二、是又怎樣?譬如《赤壁》,活生生的千軍萬馬讓好萊塢驚嘆不已——人口眾多本是實情,人海戰術也因此成為中國特色,但換個角度,駕馭海量的個體也是一門學問,目前掌握它的除了中國還有誰?說《2012》辱華的人,請對自己的國家有點信心! 角色們各講各國話,不到萬不得已不會突然蹦出英語,即使講也各帶口音,比起《特種部隊:眼鏡蛇崛起》里老和尚逼著少年白幽靈「說英語」的粗製濫造,比起《變形金剛2:卷土重來》無度炫耀武力之餘瘋狂破壞古文明國家的囂張狂躁,《2012》的細致嚴謹,以及剛剛談到的對各國各民族各文化盡可能寫實呈現的努力溢於言表。還是回到中國:漢族人講普通話,川邊和高原的藏民們說藏語,基本符合真實情況(這樣表現的另一個好處是:藏民們說藏語,同時可以讓那些西方的右翼分子無刺可挑)。……算了,越扯越遠,國際新秩序的部分就到這里,黑人總統遭遇世界末日諷刺奧巴馬ZF無能之類的解讀先不管,肯尼迪號撞翻白宮時流露出的反戰情緒也暫且不論,接下來不妨談談ZF陰謀論。 《X檔案》被追捧的一大原因即科幻和神秘往往覆蓋在ZF陰謀論的包裝之下。對於這一概念,艾默里奇本人顯然也深信不疑,《獨立日》和《哥斯拉》里都有ZF秘而不宣的情節,《2012》當然不能例外。世界末日的懸疑程度,可與黛安娜王妃的車禍、瑪麗蓮·夢露的暴斃、羅斯威爾事件的眾說紛紜相提並論,而篩選優秀DNA、向富商出售船票等機密事宜卻在暗地裡緊鑼密鼓地次第執行著;災難來臨時,平民百姓盡是精英的犧牲品。 ——這一點還牽扯出理性與人性的矛盾。如果沒有「放棄89歲高齡的母親的國務卿」這類理性過頭的人監控,整個「卓明谷計劃」不可能順利實施;反過來說,在三號方舟無法啟動時,導演的立場歸根到底還是人性,還是選擇了以人為本地敞開懷抱。正如皆大歡喜的結局,編繪了錯綜、大氣、暗藏ZF陰謀論與國際新秩序的群像故事,展示著高超、完美、全心造夢的電影技術,流露出認真、謹慎、著力寫實的創作態度,同時沒忘記歌頌雖然天真盲目、但始終單純美好的人性。……對中國的電影產業而言,前三個方面反而更動人、更具現實意義、更值得我們欣賞和學習(連賓利車的植入廣告都那麼討人喜歡)。希望能在有生之年親眼看到中國拍出《2012》這樣精良、完備、自圓其說的優秀商業片。

8. 2012 影評

索尼·哥倫比亞今天在yahoo!首發了曾拍過《後天》《獨立日》《哥斯拉》等災難片的德國導演羅蘭·埃默里奇(Roland Emmerich)執導的最新災難史詩巨作《2012》的首款正式全長預告片!
預告片中展現了兩條線索:學者Jackson Curtis(約翰·庫薩克 飾)坐飛機去被地震吞陷的洛杉磯拯救前妻和兩個孩子,並冒險驅車去正面臨火山大爆發的懷俄明州黃石公園拯救一名知曉災難的廣播電台主持人(題頭截圖);另一條線索是全球聯合建立海上「諾亞方舟號」,得以讓世界各地的財富精英和領導人在災難中存活,並重建地球文明。
◎簡 介
故事發生在2012年12月,一家人正在度假。沒想到根據瑪雅預言,2012年的12月21日,正是世界末日,瑪雅人的日歷也到那天為止,人類要如何才能阻止一切被毀滅呢? 世界果然會像瑪雅預言的那樣在2012年毀滅嗎,庫賽克、格洛弗卻非要與這場災難一拼高下。
最後海嘯推著美國的已經退役了的約翰肯尼迪號航母撞向白宮!寓意非常的鮮明,震撼!作為人類兵器,人類科技的最高傑作「航空母艦」,毀滅了這個星球上最強大的國家的心臟!不僅僅代表美國,這是大自然對我們人類的宣戰!思來想去為什麼會用約翰肯尼迪號航母呢,結果終於知道了,約翰肯尼迪總統致力於人類未來的發展,"阿波羅計劃"就是這位偉大的總統力排眾議堅持的結果。他說「人類如果未來5000年不毀滅的話,那麼月球登陸在未來的5000年裡對於人來來說都是重大的不可復制的事件」5000年內? 100年都不到人類就為自己的罪孽付出了代價,肯尼迪總統的一切美好設想毀滅在了曾經他做出這項決定的地方!
本影片原名英文為《再見亞特蘭蒂斯》(Farewell Atlantis)。
《2012》媒體看片 內地票房預期3.5億
2012引發末日綜合症 觀眾看完電影擔驚受怕
《2012》中國人造方舟 昆明人做特效

9. 電影2012影評3篇































其實從去年開始,我就會在閑著的時候搜索一下2012 的信息,加入了許多相關豆瓣小組,也一度看得半夜都不睡覺。








10. 英語電影影評2篇。 150字一篇

Since the beginning of the movie "tiny times is always accompanied by a controversial, by contrast," small age 2 "more than" small age 1 "certain content. In the small age 2, in addition to dazzling material show, we saw three is got a double degree, what efforts as for her, no film. After graation, she still support the family embarrassment girlfriends, and even to rely on the power of the family. While Gu Yuan after a girlfriend, the pain of infidelity, eventually be able to choose tolerance, give up the wealth to regain the love...
"Little time" is not the absolute difference, more is not absolute good, it builds the controversy contributed to its box office, perhaps this dispute is also bring the audience really harvest.


2012" is a disaster epic, the film of course, and ultimately, the Earth's destruction of many shocking scenes. When the earthquake coming, high-rise building blocks, like children's toys, like the collapse of a warm house for a blink of an eye Tanxian ruins. Rage in the face of the forces of nature, people seem so weak, a few seconds, or minutes, in the earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunamis, floods in front of a super, all disappear without a trace. But I also saw the U.S. president in the disaster destined to come a time chosen to remain in the United States and their people together until the last moment, "the captain was unwilling to leave the sinking ship, it was his noble choice"
In accordance with the Mayan prophecy, December 21, 2012 destruction of Earth Day. Although this is only a prediction, but it is worth our consideration. In the face of nature, we are all petty. The enormous destructive power of nature, we are powerless, the only way to save himself, in addition to the ark, but more importantly is that we ourselves, in the glorious nature of our humanity, to family and friends willing to give up everything and even lives heroic. When we can do all this, we also be able to save ourselves, we also be able to save mankind and civilization.

這些都是別人的 望採納

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