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① 電影的英語單詞


② 電視暴力對青少年的影響英語作文

We I mentioned which from above may clear see, in the televisionviolence to the young people the influence is extremely profound

③ 暴力電影對學齡前的兒童影響很大英文怎麼說


Violent films have great effect on preschool children

④ 有關血腥電影對青少年的影響的英語作文


⑤ 不應該看暴力電影翻譯成英文

The researchers found that,in different degrees of violence to watch the young video clips,often look at ordinary times violent film than the young look or not to look less violent video of the young sensitive degree of the low.

⑥ 雅思作文政府應不應該控制電影中的暴力現象詞彙

Violence appears more and more often in films and on television. Requests are made that the government should take action because it leads to the rise of violent crimes in society. However, some people think differently.
They say that instead of incing people to commit a crime, violence on
TV helps people to release the stress put on them by the fast pace of the modern society and thus reces the chance for them to break the law. The employee who was severely criticized by the boss at work may feel relieved when he returns home and sees a strong man being punched in his face on TV.
Admittedly, that may be one little good effect of violence on screen, but the side effect of it is much serious and should not be ignored. As was mentioned in the beginning of the essay, violence on screen does result in more crimes in real life. For one thing, teenagers are good at intimating and they have a strong desire to release their extra energy. One good example of this is the notorious campus gun shot case in the US. The criminal, a university student, who shot several of his teachers and fellow students, confessed that a violent movie inspired him. Lastly, violence in films and television fills people』s mind with evil and hatred. We certainly should be shown the better side of our society if we want to decrease the violent crimes.
To sum up, in order to have fewer violent crimes in society, violence on screen should be controlled.

⑦ 手工翻譯 讓孩子們受到電影和新聞報導中的暴力和犯罪行為的耳濡目染是很糟糕的(expose) 急


Let the children be in the movies and news reports of violence and crime is very bad monasteries

⑧ 英語辯論 (題目:暴力電影,反方,不支持)急求!!!!200分

Although many people criticize violent movies, if there is a movie which does not contain sex and violence, who will go to see that movie? Most major movies, such as "Lethal Weapon", "Die Hard", and "Independence Day", were really popular in spite of the fact that the "good guy" killed more people than the "bad guy" did.

In my opinion, Hollywood tends to proce few kinds of movies--action, panic, love story, and comedy. Whenever I watch a movie or a video, there is at least one murder in each movie.

The biggest number of deaths are in the panic movies, in my opinion. Action movies with violence take heat from alts who blame them for real life violence because they are closer to reality than other movies. For example, in "Natural Born Killers" we can see around 50 deaths, whereas in "Independence Day" thousands of people die.

In both movies, tons of people are killed, though the ways to kill are different. The big difference between them is about reality.

Children might imitate behavior they see in the movies. I agree that movies, TV, and other media influence our lives, especially for kids; but not all children imitate violence. Most kids hate that and don't want to see it.

The question whether movie violence should be regulated or not is a difficult and complicated matter. Although this is just my experience, I have learned that it's best to keep away from violent movies and how it hurts if I get a punch.

Violence in movies might make some kids aggressive, but they can learn about the world from that. If there is no violence in the media, everyone would have to learn only from real experience. A really tough kid never understands how it hurts to get punched.

Many parents tend to blame media violence, but parents should teach their children that there are tons of good things and bad things, and they should help them to know what is wrong. I think government regulation is the last solution. Before that, parents can help their offspring to behave in a beautiful way.


⑨ 兒童觀看暴力漫畫和電影是否有好處用英文回答。



暴力動畫片對孩子的心理影響是顯著的。因為孩子還小,認知功能發育不完全,對事物缺少批判能力,容易模仿,電視里出現暴力鏡頭,孩子會覺得好玩,而意識不到它有什麼不對或者危害,這很容易使孩子 接受動畫片里人物言行的教育,現實生活中也發展出暴力,甚至認為這是好的,是「勇敢」,在一群小朋友里更是紛紛效仿,以奇形怪狀、打架鬧事為榮。


⑩ 電影的利與弊 英語

TV is vey imporrtant in our life. We can get to know all kinds of events around the world. We can know the weather,information, laws, knowledge and so on. After busy work, we can watch some funny programs to relax.
TV benifits us, but sometimes it has bad influence. Some students watch TV day and night. It influences their lessons.Some programs are not good for children.
So we should choose proper programs at proper time for people in different ages. Now TV has become necessary in our life. We can get all kinds of information through TV. The world is in front of us. The distance between countries is shortened with the help of TV.Every day we can watch some interesting programs to make us happy.
Although TV has some benifits, sometimes it has bad influence. Some students have no time to study because they watch TV in all the free time. And some programs are not proper for children.
So we should choose some good programs to watch, especially for children.


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